The Krafft Medal honors the memory of Katia Krafft (1942-1991) and Maurice Krafft (1946-1991) who were killed while photographing a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen, Japan in 1991. The Kraffts were pioneers in filming, photographing and recording volcanoes. The medal is co-sponsored by the Krafft family through the trust fund "Volcan et Images". The Krafft Medal is awarded every 4 years at the IAVCEI Scientific Assembly to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to volcanology through service to the scientific community or to communities threatened by volcanic activity. The Krafft Medal honors those who have shown altruism and dedication to the humanitarian and applied sides of volcanology and those who have made selfless contributions to the volcanological community.

Krafft Medal

Krafft Medal (front)


2004 Tom Simkin (USA) 
2008 Christopher G. Newhall (USA)
2013 Shigeo Aramaki (Japan)

Krafft Medal

Krafft Medal (back)

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