Dear IAVCEI member,

As you probably know from the last issue of IAVCEI NEWS, we will reintroduce the payment for the IAVCEI membership starting from January 1, 2016.

IAVCEI has increased its activity in recent years, financing grants for researchers from developing counties, international workshops and schools, and providing financial contributions to COV meetings and IAVCEI scientific assemblies. This activity requires income that cannot be guaranteed by only the voluntary contributions from members and from IUGG annual payments to IAVCEI. Thus, we find a need for membership fees to provide a regular annual income, similar to other international scientific associations.

The donor members, who have paid before the cancellation of the membership fee, will be advised about their balance and if they have to pay for 2016. Nothing will change for life members, who do not pay a yearly membership fee.

The amount of the new fees, referred to calendar year, will be:

  • YOUNG RESEARCHER MEMBER (Student or within 3 years after receiving PhD) 1 year membership 15 Euro, 4 years membership 50 Euro
  • REGULAR MEMBER (fee depending on personal income)
    • Over US$16,000 - 1 year membership 50 Euro, 4 years membership 175 Euro
    • US$ 8,000-16,000 - 1 year 25 Euro, 4 years membership 80 Euro
    • Under US$ 8,000 1 year membership 15 Euro, 4 years membership 50 Euro
  • LIFE MEMBER (a one-time payment, and no annual fees afterward) 800 Euro
  • BENEFACTOR MEMBERSHIP AND LIFE MEMBER (a one-time payment, and no annual fees afterward) 1000 Euro

IAVCEI members receive discounted fees for participation in IAVCEI meetings and workshops, are eligible for nomination for IAVCEI medals/prizes and to be elected as IAVCEI representatives. Members will receive 4 issues of IAVCEI NEWS each year and will be added to the IAVCEI mailing list.

Instructions for payment (Paypal or bank account) at

On behalf of IAVCEI EC

Roberto Sulpizio

IAVCEI Secretary General

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